the third dimension

the third D

    Winamp skins.
dafugu skin v1.0 download [50Kb] First version of the skin, try this version if you use an old version of the player (older than 2.05)
dafugu skin v2.2 download [90Kb] Designed for winamp 2.05+, support of playlist manager , , equalizer and sid-amp.

Version 2.2 : dafugu skin now support sidamp's skin.

Version 2.1 : Fixed problems due to an ugly winamp alignment bug in playlist editor.

    Quintessential cd player skins.
Phrozen skin for (Qcd)

Quintessential cd player

download [72Kb] Grab qcd, nice cd player with cddb and skins support at
    Snowball skins.

Koubis skin for Snowball 1.0

download [20Kb] Check (and shake) your snowball at
download [19Kb] Icons first created for WinCommander , you will find here 16x16 icons for mirc, modplug player, photoshop,...

32x32 icons availiable : kjofol player, dynablaster. use these icons for your shortcuts.


Koubis, the fat cat. download [4Kb] Ico and animated cursors of Koubis (hum the fat cat of dines :)


Skins and site designed by Durrenberger David (dines / blabla)